Zarah (5’4 110 lbs  23 y/o) lives near San Francisco.  She is self-employed as the COO of a small technology start-up in Silicon Valley.  Her family is originally from India and they are quite wealthy.  This wealth has enabled Zarah to get a business degree from NYU and not to pursue her career as a young entrepreneur.  She stays remarkably fit and does some modeling on a part-time basis.  She thinks her focus and discipline makes her a star in the making in the apartment fighting realm.  Zarah’s response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’ve got the best trainers, the best resume, and the best looks of all the fighters at the Club.  This is just one more challenge for me to overcome, and I always break down and overcome anything that challenges me.  The other women in the Club would do best to stay out of my way.  I’m destined to be a champion.”

Zarah is a a character from the FCF forums.  Her profile is here.


Currently 3-2


ICC versus ACC – Misty versus Zarah

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 99 AWC Lightweight Title Match Bailey versus Zarah

AWC Times Magazine 7 Nissa versus Zarah Lightweight Tourney Match

AWC Times Magazine 4 Chloe versus Zarah

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 71 Dena versus Zarah