AWC Times Fight Magazine #3 – European Fight Night

The AWC Times staff was recently on hand for a series of matches held among the girls belonging to the European Fight Club.  There were several exciting AWC matches and the AWC Times brings you these pictorial stories and summaries of those battles in this edition of the AWC Times Fight Magazine.  Click on the pictures below for a link to each of the fight.

Analise versus Catrin

Analise came into this match with two straight losses to very good AWC fighters.  In her last battle she was dominated by Peyat.  Catrin enters  the AWC a bit of an unknown as she takes part in her first match.   Analise was confident she would get the win over the rookie.  Catrin vowed to get her AWC career started off with a win.  Only one of them was right.  Did the hard hitting French fighter overwhelm Catrin?  Or did the rookie defeat the mean French girl?

0 - Catrin and Analise Face Off
Annalise and Catrin face off as they are introduced

Shayla versus Rachel

Rachel has struggled so far in the AWC and remains winless.  Shayla, after a promising start to her AWC career has lost her last two fights.  This could be Rachel’s chance to get her first win.  Or will Shayla rebound with a victory over the English fighter?

0 - Before the Fight
Shayla and Rachel Facing Off Before the Start of the Fight

Emma verus Nikki

This match featured a new girl versus a struggling veteran.  Emma’s career to date has been a disappointment.  Nikki appears to be a promising newcomer on the scene.  Will Emma be victimized or will the rookie learn a hard lesson about just how tough it is to succeed in the AWC?

0 - Before the Fight Emma and Nikki
Emma and Nikki before the start of the fight.

Inga versus Sofia

This match featured a classic blonde versus brunette battle as the Swedish fighter takes on the Italian.  Both girls enter the match without a win so one of these girls gets her first AWC win.  Will Sofia’s edge in experience be enough to carry her to a victory or will she end up frozen out of the win?

0 - Before the Fight Inga and Sofia
Emma and Sofia prepare to do battle.

Milena versus Zora

Milena entered this match on the heels of her devastating loss to Luisa.  Did she recover and hand the Greek fighter another defeat?  Or did the powerful Greek figure out how to handle herself in an AWC fight and send Milena to yet another tough loss?

0 - Before the Fight
Milena and Zora being introduced to the crowd.

Sara versus Sasha

Sara and Sasha met up several months back in a heated battle in Warsaw.  Click here to read the story of Apartment Wrestling Match No. 48.  Without spoiling the results of the first battle between these two fighters, the Times can tell you it was quite an ugly encounter.  It all started off with a hateful encounter in their street clothes that resulted in a ripped dress and a series of nasty insults.  The fight that followed was intense and resulted in ripped bikinis.  The heated battle came to a close with one proud fighter smothered into submission and utterly defeated.  What followed was a heavy dose of humiliation and anguish for the loser.  Needless to say, hard feelings have lingered.  Bitchy exchanges between Sara and Sasha can be found all across the social media landscape and demands for another fight have persisted.  One of the main events at European fight night was this special rules rematch.  Each time a fighter lost a fall, she surrendered part of her bikini.  The first fighter to win two falls was to be declared the victor.  In addition to pride being on the line, Sara and Sasha agreed the loser would be required to be the winner’s slave for the night.  Did this fight settle the grudge or lead to more anger and hostility?  You be the judge.

0 - Before the Fight
Sara and Sasha prepare for the start of their rematch.