Sara (5’6 120 lbs 23 y/o) lives in Romania on the Black Sea coast.  Sara is a part-time student and is about to complete her education.  She sometimes helps out in her family’s business.  She usually finds time to work out almost every day and enjoys spending time with friends at the clubs in town.  Sara loves to win at everything she does and doesn’t intend to allow anyone to embarrass her.  Sara’s short interview response about why she would be a good Apartment fighter — “I’m a competitive person!  I am quick and in good shape.  I will train hard and make my opponents admit in the end that I’m the better woman.”

Sara is a character from the FCF forums.  Her profile is here.



Sara Getting Ready to Fight

Currently 3-2


Apartment Wrestling Match No. 77 Nissa versus Sara

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 64 Sara versus Belinda

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 57 Analise versus Sara

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 48 Sara versus Sasha

Apartment Wrestling Match No. 35 Sara versus Sofia