AWC Times Fight Magazine 11 – Coast to Coast Battle

With tensions boiling over between members of the East Coast Club and the West Coast Club a special set of challenge matches are set to take place tonight. Tonight will either allow one club to assert its dominance over the other, or set the stage for another round of challenges and battles.

The outcome of this challenge will be decided on points scored. Each singles match will have a time limit of 15 minutes. Each fall or 5 count pin is a point. If a fighter is forced to quit the match before the time limit, an additional bonus point is awarded to the winner for every three minutes remaining in the match. Our panel of commentators can provide up to one additional point in a match if something particularly notable takes place and in the tag match two additional points. The tag team match will have a 30 minute time limit and each fall, pin, or elimination of a participant is worth a point, and if the match ends early an additional bonus point is awarded to the winners for every three minutes remaining in the match. The tag match will also have some special rules related to double team opportunities and a free for all period.

With the ground rules out of the way let’s check in with our commentators for tonight Pat, Blake and Casey and see what they have to say about tonight’s event. Casey starts out “I’m really looking forward to seeing Lena take the floor tonight. She really let her emotions get the best of her when she fought Kelcie and it cost her in the outcome. I think we will see her really go after Dena and as long as she is able to avoid mental errors we should see her do well for her Club.” “Oh yeah I think that is spot on” continues Blake. “My most anticipated battle tonight is Rebecca and Viv. That one is going to be wild. Viv has really shown a dominant and mean streak so far. Rebecca has struggled a bit of late and I know she is pretty upset with where things stand. I don’t know who will win it, but it is going to be fun to watch.” Pat smiles and waves his hand. “No No No to all that. Tonight for me is all about the tag match. It will be a first for the AWC and it is going to be fun. I love these little experiments and the fighters will make it even more exciting. I know Chloe thought she should have been in the lightweight title tournament and tonight she gets to compete with the lightweight champion. Top that off with a couple of bigger fighters with undefeated records and this one is going to crazy fun!!!!”

We are getting close to time for our first match. And it is a special night here tonight with a lot of buzz and anticipation from the fans and the fighters from the East and West Coast Clubs. I have seen quite a few fighters roaming around the area and as you might guess we have had a chance to get a few interviews lined up to go with all these fun fights.

To get things started off tonight we were able to catch up and chat a few minutes with the current AWC World Champion Callie. Let’s go to the interview.

Callie’s Interview

That was great!!! Sounds like Callie took the high road a few times, but she sure didn’t seem to take that approach about Tisha. Looks like there is a bit of bad blood between the two of them. I’m excited to hear who will be the first challenger for the title. I think things are about to get started in our first match of the night with Summer and Hannah. Let’s go out to our announcers for this one.

Summer versus Hannah

The opening match of the event is set to get started in just a few short moments. These two clubs want to get off to a good start and get the early lead on the scoreboard. Summer and Hannah are both capable fighters that have not been on the winning side of things often. Don’t let that fool you though. These two have plenty of experience and this is an important match in the challenge series as we see which club can get off to an early lead in the series. Let’s go out to the apartment for our 1st match of the evening. COMING SOON

Hannah and Summer before the start of their match.

Dena versus Lena

Dena and Lena before the start of their match.

Belle versus Lisa

Rebecca versus Viv

Rebecca and Viv before the start of their match.

Jayla and Bailey versus Peyton and Chloe