AWC Times Magazine 9 – Night of Champions

Welcome to the Night of Champions! This is your host team ready to bring you all of the exciting action from this big night in the AWC. After a long run of tournament matches, the AWC is finally ready to crown the first ever AWC World Champion. And there is no better way to do so than to bring together the best fighters around the world in six different matches involving championship belts. Each Club will hold a title fight and the lightweight championship match will be fought as well. Rounding out the event will be a few other matches that are set to be fought leading up to the Night of Champions.

Before we get to our first match, it looks like Raine is headed this way. Let’s see if we can get a few minutes with her and get her thoughts.

That was awesome getting Raine to stop by for a few minutes to talk with us. I know she is super focused on her match coming up, but she really does care about the AWC fans. Now let’s get this out to one of the apartments where Britta and Keisha are getting ready to get the first fight of the night underway.

No. 92 – Britta versus Keisha

Britta and Keisha have both struggled in the AWC. Each is looking to get a solid win to their name. Tonight one of them will get her first AWC win while the other is sent home disappointed. Which fighter turns things around at the expense of the other?

Britta and Keisha being introduced to the crowd.

What a great start to the Night of the Champions. I’m sure Britta is really disappointed with how that match turned out tonight. Congrats to Keisha as she gets her first AWC win. What a big moment for her tonight.

Just a few minutes ago I have started hearing a lot of buzz about an impromptu fight that took place in the workout facility. Rumor has it that a couple girls got into an all-out fight that had to be broken up. I’m also hearing that a number of pics from that fist fight exist. Our team will try and track down some information to share with you.

Right now I see Viv coming down the hallway. Let’s take a short break and see if we can get her to take a minute to visit with us.

Well there you have it. We just heard from Viv that she had a fight with Kelcie a few minutes ago. I know the fans are dying to see the pictures that are supposed to exist. I’m being told that a fan is going to send the pictures to us shortly. So stay tuned fans and we will bring them to you when they arrive.

Wait! Hold on a second! We are living right today. Here comes Kelcie. Maybe we can get her to talk to us!

Ok fans well the next match is going to be starting very shortly. Looks like we may have to looked for this pictures a bit later in tonight’s event. Let’s get back to the apartment where Luisa and Lola are about to tangle in the next fight of our event.

No. 93 – Luisa versus Lola

Luisa believes she deserves a shot at the AWC Title. So she was invited to the Night of the Champions to see what she can do. Some say she hasn’t faced a solid opponent yet. Well Lola will give her that opportunity. The blonde is still upset about her loss to Raine which may have cost her a chance to fight for the West Coast title.

Well so far our Night of the Champions is off to a great start. That was some match between Lola and Luisa. I know that both of them really had big plans to get that win. And they sure fought hard to make it happen.

We are still hearing quite of bit of talk about what happened with Kelcie and Viv. Those interviews we scored were great, but the photos will be even better. I am hearing word that we might have them for you before we go back out to the apartment for the next match between Tracey and Wendy. Stay tuned!!!

Here we go fans. We have what everyone has been clamoring to see. Let’s take this straight to our interview and photos.

Oh my that eyewitness account and those pictures were amazing. Kelcie has sure been running her mouth quite a bit and it looks like the East Coast Club has been hearing her comments. Viv sure seemed focused on teaching Kelcie some manners. Based on those interviews and the social media postings those two are likely to get an official opportunity to sort things out properly. Now let’s get this out to one of the apartments where Tracey and Wendy are getting ready to get their grudge fight underway.

No. 94 – Tracey versus Wendy

These two tiny terrors met in the East versus West challenge and Wendy really “mistreated” Tracey when she got the win. The Hawaiian fighter wants another shot at Wendy and has vowed to make her pay for what happened last time. Wendy is all too happy to provide her that opportunity with promises of another humiliation even worse than the last time they met.

That last preliminary match sure didn’t disappoint the fans. Tracy sure wanted to have her revenge and it looked she might just dominate Wendy. It seems looks can be deceptive as Wendy came roaring back to demolish Tracey in her bid to get revenge. Poor Tracey has now taken a beating from Wendy on two occasions.

We are trying to get AWC management to visit with us about the possibility of scheduling a few matches tomorrow after the championship matches are done. The fans are really clamoring to see some East versus West action. Things are tense around here and all the talk on social media is just feeding that atmosphere.

Ok fans well the next match will begin the Championship matches. I’m hearing that our European Club title match is coming right up shortly. If we have a chance we will get back to you before the match starts. For now, let’s get back to the apartment where Alessandra is set to defend her title against Sara in the first of our title fights.

No. 95 Alessandra versus Sara – European Club Title Match

Alessandra enters this title defense after being thoroughly dominated and beaten by Drury in their tournament match. Sara has been on a winning streak and looks at this as her long overdue opportunity to take the European Championship.

We are getting some feedback on a couple of extra fights that will happen here at the Night of the Champions event. They will actually take place in the morning after the championship fights. Kelcie and Viv are going to meet in a one-fall match and that will be followed by Jayla taking on Belinda in a one-fall match as well. Seems that all this West is superior to the East has stirred up some rivalry between the two Clubs. I am also hearing that the AWC Management is working to put together a few matches in another East versus West challenge format. Stay tuned.

It looks like things are about to get started in the Apartment again. After watching Sara dethrone the European Club champion to take the belt, we now get to see if Bao can retain her championship against Peyat. So let’s get back to the apartment where the Pacific Club title fight is about to get underway.

No. 96 Bao versus Peyat – Pacific Club Title Match

Bao has solidly beaten every fighter in the Pacific Club she has faced. Her only loss came to a much larger Sierra in the tournament. Peyat’s fighting style is unlike anything Bao has faced before. This matchup features two Pacific Club lightweights battling for the Club title. Peyat turned down an opportunity to participate in the World lightweight tournament because this is the title she wanted to hold.

I just got some more information on the East versus West challenge event that is starting to be worked out. Sounds like there will be a series of one fall matches followed by tag team match. I sounds like the AWC management wants to put some of this talk into action. I will see if we are able to get some more interviews tonight.

It looks like things are about to get started in the Apartment again. So far our champions are 1-1. This next match may be for the West Coast Championship or simply for the right to challenge Callie for the title. We won’t know for sure until the AWC Championship match takes place later tonight. Either way these two fighters are looking to step to the top of the West Coast Club. So let’s get back to the apartment where the West Coast Club title/#1 contender match about to get started.

No. 97 Suzette versus Raine – West Coast Club Title Match (or No. 1 Contender Match)

This may be a title fight or it may be for the right to fight for the title. If Callie wins the World Title the winner of this match will be the West Coast Club Champion. If not, the winner here gets to face her for the title. Suzette put on quite a showing in the tournament and was narrowly beaten by Sierra. Raine has come on strong lately with her last outing being a complete destruction of Lola.

What a disappointing match for Suzette. I really don’t think anyone expected to see such a lopsided affair. Or at least with it being Raine on the winning side of it. Maybe we will get a chance to talk with Suzette before the night is over. I know I really want to hear from her about what just happened in the Apartment.

It looks like things are getting ready to go again with our next match. Coming right up is the East Coast Club Title Match.

No. 98 Molly versus Drury – East Coast Club Title Match

Molly was upset at her loss to Suzette and returns to the rug to defend the East Coast Club Title. Drury was equally upset by her loss to Callie. This match will see one of them rebound and the other start a losing streak. These fighters are not the losing types.

We now have another new club champion tonight. What a great night in the AWC. Two of the three clubs now have new champions. We will see whether the Raine becomes the third new champion or if she has to face off against Callie for the title.

Now that we have those Club title fights all wrapped up, we are heading right at the AWC World title fights to crown the AWC World Champion and the AWC World Lightweight Champion. This exciting night is now to the moment the fans have been waiting to see. The fighters are in the apartment and ready to go for the Lightweight Title Match.

No. 99 Bailey versus Zarah – AWC World Lightweight Title Match

Surprisingly dominant Zarah comes to the rug to take on a more experienced Bailey for the lightweight title. Can Zarah continue to dominate her opponents? Or will Bailey’s toughness and experience allow her to hand Zarah her first loss?

Welcome back to Night of the Champions. We now have one of the AWC World Titles awarded and it will be with Bailey. What a great showing by Bailey tonight in what was expected to be a close and hard fought match that ended up with Bailey really taking control and dominating Zarah. Maybe that smother at the end of the first round fired the blonde up. Either way, she roared to a decisive win to become the AWC’s first Lightweight World Champion.

No. 100 Callie versus Sierra – AWC World Title Match

Both fighters enter this battle for the AWC World Title with unbeaten records. This promises to be an epic battle between two of the best the AWC has to offer. The fans will be the real winner, as only one of them remains unbeaten after this one.

That was a great match to close out our series of Championship matches. The new AWC World Champion is Callie after she forced Sierra to submit in the latter stages of the third round. With our new champions crowned you can expect lots of drama as other fighters start staking their claim to being the number one contender for those title belts. And if that isn’t enough, we have quite a bit of tension and drama around the event as a second east versus west challenge event is starting to take form. We still have a couple matches here at the event that are going to take place tomorrow. So get some rest and join us back here as we start the day off tomorrow with what might be a bit of an angry match-up between Kelcie and Viv.